A Socialist Response to Violent Threats Against Deserae Morin

A joint statement by the Burlington International Socialist Organization and the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series

Recently, Republican candidate Deserae Morin of Colchester, VT received a letter threatening her with rape and murder. While the letter reportedly claimed socialist credentials, these vile and disgusting threats are antithetical to the values of freedom and equality that reside at the core of socialism. In fact, no socialist we know or have ever met would write such a letter.

As socialists we oppose rape and all forms of hate crime. We condemn this hate letter, which falsely assumes the mantle of socialism.

So too do we condemn the threats against Vermont Democrat Kiah Morris, who was forced to end her political campaign for reelection as state representative for Bennington in the face of persistent and appalling racist intimidation. We stand in solidarity with anyone targeted by such attacks, regardless of their political affiliations.

As socialists we oppose all forms of sexism and discrimination, denounce bullying and threats of violence, and are staunch defenders of political freedom, civil rights, and democracy.