Top 10 signs that you might be a socialist

No, you are not losing your mind. We live in a messed up world with upside down priorities. A serial sexual harasser and immigrant bashing islamophobe is our new president. But this is bigger than Trump. Capitalism radicalizes people through endless war, oppression and inequality. If you want to change that, you are not alone. In fact, you might be a red.

Here are a few typical socialist symptoms:

  • You believe humans are basically good but that capitalism brings out the worst in people.
  • You hate racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination, bigotry or any way that our society says some people are lesser beings.
  • You think that capitalism and the need for endless economic growth are the real drivers of climate change.
  • You don’t like cops.
  • You question ideas like patriotism, chivalry, the free market, charity, Western democracy, meritocracy, a fixed human nature and traditional gender roles.
  • You think unions and strikes are good things.
  • You think that the Democrats suck too and you would like to vote for something you believe in at least once before you die.
  • You think that Reagan was a fucking idiot.
  • You want to tax the bejesus out of the rich.
  • You prefer collective solutions over individual ones.

Seem familiar?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.
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