What We Do

The socialists tradition’s greatest strengths are its emphasis on Marxism, class organization, real democracy, collective assessment and united action. Socialism is also is about self emancipation. Real change will come from organized working class power, not from a handful of enlightened leaders. We call this socialism from below and it defines how we organize ourselves.

We are a group of students and workers in the Burlington area who meet weekly to discuss politics and activism. These meeting help us assess the world and collectively figure out what we can do to resist a system that perpetuates inequality and injustice. In addition to meetings, we table at UVM and on Church street to meet new people, host public forums on issues like police brutality, sexism or the Syrian refugee crisis. We frequently read and discuss articles and books to train ourselves as Marxists and activists.

We meet most Thursday nights at 7:00pm in Layfayette Hall, room 210 on the UVM campus.

The Burlington ISO focuses on a wide range of issues and current events, including:

  • Resisting Trump and fighting the rise of the far right
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Women’s liberation and fighting to save abortion rights
  • Opposing imperialist wars
  • Defending immigrants, refugees and muslims from bigots
  • Justice for Palestine
  • Climate change
  • Labor organizing and solidarity
  • International solidarity with struggles against austerity

To know more about becoming a member, check out Joining the ISO or simply contact us.