The UVM Socialists

The UVM Socialists are a recognized campus group at the University of Vermont, working on a range of issues and exploring current political events, theory and history in order to change the world. We often meet with the ISO’s Burlington Community Branch. See the Events Calendar for specific dates, times and locations.

The UVM Socialists have been an important voice for justice since the club’s founding in 1999. Over the years, the club, along with political allies, has helped organize many events, panels and demonstrations. These areas of work include:

  • Anti-racism organizing for #BlackLivesMatter, Trayvon Martin and other victims of racist violence and police brutality
  • Justice for Palestine and divestment from Israel
  • Anti-sexist organizing
  • The Million Student March to demand student debt forgiveness and free tuition
  • Climate justice
  • Divestment from war profiteers
  • Support for campus worker and labor organizing
  • Defending immigrant rights
  • Resisting Trump in any way possible
  • Socialist education and member development

For more info about the UVM Socialists or to get involved, contact Owen, attend a meeting or stop by their table in front of the Davis Center on Mondays or Thursdays.